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Automotive Creative House

The "unofficial collab"


How do you blend automotive homage into a lifestyle product while maintaining purpose and integrity?

To find that answer, we took a known mass produced item, broke it down, only to rethink it back up.

The outcome is an over-engineered and challenging project involving the work of a Creative Designer, Mechanical Engineering, Upholstery Craftsman and a Machinist Photographer.

To us, the AF1 is a classic silhouette that we relate to the iconic 911. Something that is so timelessly right, it is only refined as there is no need to be redefined.

It’s so important to test and challenge your creative limits. And to recognize that an idea will remain an idea unless executed upon.

Please continue to create and collaborate. And always remember - You don’t have to stick out to Stand Out.

The “unofficial collab” limited to 10 pairs.

Details Include:

  • Black Air Force 1
  • Laser Engraved Acrylic Box w/ Limited Number and Buyer's name
  • Embroidered Dust Bag
  • Metal Shoe Lace Tips
  • Machined Tags
  • Embroidered Swoosh in Authentic Houndstooth Fabric 
  • Houndstooth In-soles 

* Please allow 4 weeks for production, all items are made to order. We will reach out to you directly for sizing information *