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E92 Giveaway

Our first project under the Stand Out name needed to count. What better way to make our mark than to give away a built E92. 

The concept was simple, by purchasing the Limited Edition Stand Out X Leen Customs pin, you are automatically entered for a chance to win our widebody Pandem E92. Each pin number is your ticket giving you a 1 in 1500* chance of winning this car, the 'Trio' pin collection will count as three tickets giving you a 1 in 500* chance of winning this car. 

A lot of moving parts went into this project- Check out the photos and videos below to see the conception, execution and completion of this project. 

In July of 2019, fellow BMW enthusiast Austin Tamborski of Chandler Arizona claimed the grand prize with lucky pin number 65 Birsdeye.  

Special thanks to our build sponsors, you can view a comprehensive review and behind the scenes of our E92 build by clicking here