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'The Novice Car Collector' - 2022

Every enthusiast dreams about a car collection. One compiled from the cars we idolized and influenced us as children and teenagers. It’s very rare that someone accomplishes these feats, yet remains grounded and does not loose sight of the greater vision.

We bring you into the curated collection and mind of Jordan Sawalqah. In this film, we highlight three very special cars in Jordan’s collection, his 56 Bel Air, Lamborghini SVJ and the one and only HKS R33. We encourage you to listen to Jordan’s words and take from them what will challenge you and help you grow.

'First Love' - Rebecca's Subaru WRX - 2021

We all have our story. Our present self is a result of life experiences that have shaped us into who we are. Although the past is no longer in our control, how we decide to channel our energy into the present and future, is.

Rebecca Nguyen is a true example that opportunity exists for everyone. In this intimate short film, Rebecca opens up about her life experiences and how she translates them into flourishing solutions that solve for problems in the automotive community.

It’s so important to highlight the good people of our community like Rebecca and continuously spread the message of collaboration and mutual growth. 

'Analog' - The Last Era Porsche 993 - 2020

We love working on projects with fellow enthusiasts and motorsport fanatics, and Eric Pasia of Last Era is a great representation why.

Eric's story highlights his passion for motorsports, to the ideation and execution of his Porsche 993 build. Although from far this 993 may look like an RS, you’ll quickly realize the detail and thought Eric has meticulously put into his car, truly making it one of a kind.

In more ways than one it’s evident that Eric’s build is a product of years of experience and experiment. Bridging the gap between modern and analog, ultimately stemming the creation of Last Era.

The Leen Customs Story - 2020

We had a pleasure of filming with Hansel Echeverria over a period of 3 days to bring you an exclusive inside look into Leen Customs. The brand- from conception to fulfillment, and the guy who makes it all happen. 

You have likely heard of him, but if you haven’t yet, you will soon. He’s making waves in the automotive community and has built a brand and reputation for his unique style and collectible pins.