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Leen Customs Collaboration

With the introduction of our new brand, we wanted to bring you something very special. We are all about standing out, and making an impression that really lives up to our name was a must.

One person immediately stood out to us. We really liked what Leen Customs was doing in our community. Taking real life builds and vectorizing them into the coolest wearable pins. His mission is simple ‘Create. Illustrate. Repeat’ and his attention to detail is unrivaled.

We reached out to Leen Customs to collaborate, and over the next few months, under extreme deadlines and many evolved ideas, he delivered a series consisting of the classic Profile view, an iconic Leen Custom’s signature. The Front view, a never been done before exclusive for Stand Out Autosports and The Birdseye view, another never been done before exclusive.

With the pins so well crafted and executed, we wanted to present them in a way they deserved. We were able to source high quality boxes, and although the initial plan was to engrave on these boxes directly, they lacked the quality that we were looking for. Back to the drawing board once again, we put the idea to the side and had faith that it would come to us.

That very same day a friend of ours asked us to take a look at his new to him 1994 Saab 900 Turbo, he opened the hood and there it was in all its glory, a good old fashioned VIN plate.

With a new idea in mind, we ran many tests on many different materials but ultimately settled on aluminum which didn’t warp under the high heat of the laser engraver and also had the most similar thickness and feel to an actual VIN plate.

We finally had the recipe to our first collection. Hand assembled, premium acrylic plates and boxes with vin inspired serial numbers housing your limited edition Stand Out x Leen Customs exclusive pins and acting as your ticket to winning the Stand Out Autosports E92 giveaway car.